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So i left my home country, Peru for first time in 2010 to Norway then i my life changed because i did so many things and i was in so many places and so many people from different background... i become adventours soul with energy to do everything and follow my dreams so i did it...

i was travelling around until i found ecological community places in 2011 in Norway so i stayed for one year and i lived with other travellers liked me and we shared alot then in 2012 i moved to oslo to studdy norwegian and i stayed until end of summer 2013 so i back home after 3 years away for 12 months and in 2014 i back to norway to continue and in 2015 i found a place to work in hotel so moved in the fjord and i experienced so many things again and i did crazy things like walk 12 hours in the mountains! then in autrumm 2015 i went to Russia for first time i was in spb and also i went to barnarul siberia to teach english to kids and i stayed whole november so finally i went to moscow for a week in december n finally i back home in peru after such long long trip i came back to lima, and in june 2016 i came back to the fjord and i spent summer in norway for summer,finally i went to russia from september to november. i stayed there also 3 months and came back to Lima in december16, i decided to spend summer 2017 in russia and in autum i went to visit friends in norway during october and end of october i went to latvia,estonia,lithuania, poland n czech republik.i came back home and Now summer 2018 im in Russia for 4th time i did roadtrip with car from moscow to Baikal- Siberia in August2018 after i was doimg backpacking in czech,poland,slovakia,hungary,croatia,slovenia n austria.Now 2019 i came back to lake baikal in siberia for 2time! And travelling september and october in east europe and balkans. I back to peru in november2019 and im founder of NGO focus in social and enviromental projects in the peruvian amazon.


social work in amazon, my fb group founder and organizer of international eco-
amazon eco international community

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